Welcome to CrowdSem2013 @ISWC2013

1st International Workshop on “Crowdsourcing the Semantic Web” in conjunction with the 12th Interantional Seamntic Web Conference (ISWC 2013), 21-25 October 2013, in Sydney, Australia. This interactive workshop takes stock of the emergent work and chart the research agenda with interactive sessions to brainstorm ideas and potential applications of collective intelligence to solving AI hard semantic web problems.

The Global Brain Semantic Web—a Semantic Web interleaving a large number of human and machine computation—has great potential to overcome some of the issues of the current Semantic Web. In particular, semantic technologies have been deployed in the context of a wide range of information management tasks in scenarios that are increasingly significant in both technical (data size, variety and complexity of data sources) and economical terms (industries addressed and their market volume). For many of these tasks, machine-driven algorithmic techniques aiming at full automation do not reach a level of accuracy that many production environments require. Enhancing automatic techniques with human computation capabilities is becoming a viable solution in many cases. We believe that there is huge potential at the intersection of these disciplines – large scale, knowledge-driven, information management and crowdsourcing – to solve technically challenging problems purposefully and in a cost effective manner.

The workshop program and proceedings are now available online. The workshop will take place on Monday 21 October 2013, in SMC

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Big Data meets Big Social: Social Machines and the Semantic Web

Impressive compilation of examples of Social Machines was presented today by David De Roure during his keynote at the CrowdSem2013 workshop.

2013-10-21 16.14.56 HDR


“The future is Big Data and Big Social… and with increasing automation. Think about Semantic Web plus Social Machines for tomorrow’s knowledge infrastructure: policy, provenance, composition, social objects.”



2013-10-21 16.07.43 HDR

The Theory, Practice, Design and Construction of Social Machines are emerging areas of study.




2013-10-21 16.12.37 HDR

Summarizing it all in a knowledge infrastructure. “You are knowledge infrastructure and Social Machines designers… it may be useful to think about your projects in terms of Social Machines”

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CrowdSem2013 Interactive

We kicked off the 1st CrowdSem2013 workshop with an interactive crowdsourcing exercise, where all the workshop participants worked in groups to create initial crowdsourcing designs for the task of collecting structured information about the three keynote speakers at ISWC2013. The result should be an enriched description for each of them. From the four initial designs we will execute two jobs on CrowdFlower today (1) collect relevant pictures for each of the ISWC2013 keynote speakers; and (2) find all the useful predicates for describing a keynote speaker. We will be presenting the results later during the conference workshop summaries.

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